This is you rearly warning system for China. If you plan to visit, invest, or do business in China, be aware you will be swimming with sharks from the moment you claim your baggage or send or open that email. There are 30,000 known fraudsters on the China Blacklist and 63 different and quite devious scams currently in play. Interpol reports that at least 300 people are cheated out of $10,000 or more every hour in China. Learn now or pay later. Get your free China Blacklist at http://www.CleverChinaCheaters.com. If you plan to work in China visit http://www.ChinaScamBusters.com. And if you want us to investigate a China scam send us your tip in confidence at Tips@ChinaScamPatrol.org. If by chance you have already been swindled, you have a 50% chance of getting your money back if you visit http://www.International-Recovery-Service.com

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  1. Attempted abduction and murder of esl teacher by Boston Ivy; in Daxing district, Beijing, 22 jinxchen rd. US state dept complaint filed with Aja Stephonon, country officer to the PRC. Boston Ivy recruited teachers by partnering with Inspiritas out of Boston, in exchange for chinese nationals to attend US public schools.

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