Is The China Daily Mail And Editor Craig Hill A Shill Scam?

This is a loooong and complex story so strap in folks and prepare for turbulence. About two weeks ago we began receiving emails from mostly expat teachers in China, along with a few recruiters asking us if we had complaints on file against the China Foreign Teachers Union (CFTU). Normally we don’t get more than 3 – 5 inquiries a day about the same scam so we knew something was going down with te CFTU. We checked our files and found that we did in fact have two complaints on file about the CFTU and one of them was from 2011 about a Chinese teacher who claimed he was being discriminated against because he wasn’t accepted as a CFTU member. The other complaint was in May of 2012 from someone that turned out to be an employment agent masquerading as a teacher – apparently trying to discredit the CFTU.

Then two strange things happened, we received an email from one of our sources asking why we were bashing the CFTU. We had no idea what he was talking about so he sent us this link
and we were absolutely shocked to see that someone was posting comments under our name! The comments posted at this web site were not made by us and it is not our business nor custom to make posts like that. We have since sent an email to Mr. Craig Hill the “editor” of the China Daily Mail to remove those comments or at least publish notice that they are not comments that came from China Scam Patrol. We are awaiting his confirmation.

As for the China Foreign Teachers Union, the only complaints we received are those cited above, and considering the many fake agents, corrupt principals and ID thieves they have exposed on the past and on their website, it is understandable to us that they have created many enemies in China. In the past we had cooperated with the CFTU regarding the case of David Wu and other unregistered agents that were targeting foreign teachers for scams and from time to time they feed us tips of new names being used by scam agents that were exposed under names they previously used. We are not aware of any scam being run by the CFTU or any of its members, and would investigate any related information of such a fraud. Any tips can be submitted in confidence to tips{at}

We have reason to believe that the author/editor of The China Daily Mail may have some hidden agenda of his own and we have opened an investigation accordingly. Neither the China Scam Patrol nor our staff have had any previous dealing with Mr. Hill nor the China Daily Mail. We found this photo and link about him and have learned that he was a prison guard in Australia before coming to China. We have also received credible information that he has used alias names in the past and this raises some red flags for us especially since he took the liberty of using our name to post false statements about the CFTU. One informant has suggested that Mr. Hill is/was business partners with a certain Chinese ESL Teacher Recruiter and has a criminal record in Australia. We cannot accept this as fact just yet, but we are following up on the information. Again, if anyone has any information about Mr. Hill or The China Daily Mail, we ask that you forward it to us in confidence.

There is a possibility that a hacker is at play in this matter, but so far Mr. Hill has not denied posting the erroneous statements on his blog about us. The comments made by other posters at the following link mirror two emails we received as follows:

From “I have been a CFTU member since 2011 and I tried to post an argument at the The China Daily Mail blog in defense of the CFTU but my post was rejected without any explanation”

From: Something very strange is going on here and I ask that you investigate the I asked the author (Mr. Hill) to explain where and how he knew the accusations he was making, but my post was deleted the next day. Maybe about 8 months ago I sent an email to the CFTU asking about membership and they told me there was no charge for membership but that I would be required to do some volunteer work. I checked their website yesterday and see that membership is still free along with most other things they offer teachers in China. So why is this guy Hill saying there are fees? Can you please investigate and let me know the truth? Thank you.”

China Scam Patrol attempted to post this post you are now reading today at the website and it was not accepted for posting. We have also discovered that we have been blocked from posting at where we have learned that Craig Hill is one of the moderators in the “Answers” section.

China Scam Patrol also made a formal inquiry to the CFTU and the response we received from one of the CFTU’s co-administrators Greg F***** says in part:

“For the record the CFTU wishes to emphatically state that:

* We have never charged any membership fees since our inception
* We do not collect any monies or fees from anyone
* The CFTU does not sell any product, service nor accepts advertisements
* The CFTU web site has made no deletions of any sort and the only edits have been additions
* The CFTU has had no past or present dealings with Mr. Craig Hill nor The China Daily Mail
* The CFTU was recently blocked from defending itself at both the China Daily Mail and where our posts were deleted without any explanation”

We have received information from an employee at China ESL that “Mr. Hill is being paid a lot of money by my boss to attack and smear the CFTU” This China ESL reference may have something to do with the very negative posts about China ESL at and elsewhere. and

Another one of our regular blog visitors “Patrick” sent us the following links which may also have some relation to this matter: and he said that posts made by user “Shining_Brow” at was rearranged from a post to a comment at this link: Patrick admitted that he was a user named “Pegasus” at and that he was banned after making this post:

If the CFTU’s reference to China ESL does have something to with Mr. Hill (a real possibility), then this link may also help explain why this China Daily Mail blog suddenly pounced upon the CFTU out of the blue:

It is a sad day when foreigners in China have to edit and censor opposing points of view – just like the Chinese government has been doing for years. If Mr. Hill is going to ban our comments and arguments at his blog as well as, then he should at least tell readers there why they see no rebuttals from those he accuses and falsifies statements.

Mr. Hill does speak the truth when he says (many times) that China’s government does not allow nor embrace labor unions. However, we believe that if Mr. Hill is going to falsify posts made by China Scam Patrol and accuse the CFTU of charging monies he should explain himself fully. We will surely get to the bottom this fiasco one way or another. Stay tuned and we will post updates as they develop. Hopefully with the help of our readers we will find the party(ies) pulling the strings of Mr. Hill and his China Daily Mail. For now all we know is that Mr. Hill is a man who refuses to answer questions, and one who resorts to fabricating and repeatedly editing posts to cover his ass.

UPDATE (May 15, 2013) We have just received confirmation that Editir “Craig Hill” is actually “Kenneth Craig Hill” who has aparently been using aliases and was once officially deemed to be “suffering from mental disorders” by a Queensland court in Australia after he submitted a workers compensation claim. Details can be found by Googling key words of “Kenneth Craig Hill, QLD” which will produce the Austrlian government court records.
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23 thoughts on “Is The China Daily Mail And Editor Craig Hill A Shill Scam?

  1. Thanks for digging deeper than the surface and providing those links. If not for those links I probably would have swallowed the China Daily Mail post because their web site looks so legitimate. My gut tells me that those scammer agents that were exposed by the CFTU with their photos online at the CFTU’s School & Agent blacklist, have probably banded together for a little “get back” revenge. See:

    They need a foreign white face to be believable. I know from my own experience that Craig is always asking foreigners “Do you want to make some extra cash teaching?” Why would he ask this if he doesn’t own a school??? In fact, nobody really knows how he earns a living because you don’t make $ writing your own blog that is just reposting news artilces from wire services right? I mean there is no advertising at his blog site.

    I also noticed that every time someone catches this guy in a lie and quotes him, he goes back and edits the original article. I think I am the third or forth person that caught hi doing this according to this blogger who is doing a good job of exposing this guy Hill –

  2. I am not ashamed to admit that I am a CFTU member for almost 18 months. I am not speaking for them here. I am speaking only for myself as a teacher in China for almost 4 years.

    I joined after I was screwed over by both a dishonest agent and a school principal that regularly cheats teachers through this agent (Jeff Gao) who I later found on many blacklists. This article explains the scam they used on me:

    Anyway, three days ago I saw the China Daily Mail blog and tried to explain how the CFTU helped me to get my last pay check and release letter. My comment was refused for reasons unknown even though I gave very specific information about times, dates, and places. I was really pissed because I spent almost an hour to write my story out.

    One of my teaching pals then told me that the same guy who wrote the China Daily Mail article started a discussion thread as user “Traveler” at so I went to post my comments over there. I used my user name and posted and then realized my post was blocked and then I was banned!

    It has since become obvious to me that accepts big bucks from unlicensed agents and recruiters that scam foreign teachers and they use “moderation” to protect those agents from being publicly exposed. Craig Hill is maybe one of a handful of people hired by ECC and/or Rebecca Tang (ChinaESL owner)or maybe one of the other 51 crooked agents outed on the CFTU blacklist at this link:

    Just look at the amount of job ads for teachers being posted by ECC and how many are paid ads and how many are posted by agents! Less than 10% of those ads are from “direct employers” There is surely a very big conflict of interest there and their moderator “Traveler” aka “Craig Hill” (editor at the China Daily Mail is protecting their biggest interest – money!

  3. You guys simply do no not understand “Chinatization”. This guy Hill has been in China so long (10 years) that he has absorbed all the devious character flaws of the Chinese. He has lost his moral compass after a decade in the most unethical country on planet Earth. Hill is a victim of Chinatization and he is like the frog in boiling water. He now “edits” according to Chinese standards.

    Cut him some slack guys. After all he is an Aussie and probably drinks to inspire himself to cut and paste all those articles he published under his own name. At least he showed a little “creativity” of his own in cooking up a rather clever scheme if you ask me. For a prison guard turned “editor” I give him a lot of credit for being so…”clever” (as the Chinese would call him). He definitely should earn a place at

  4. I personally know both Craig Hill and Rebecca Tang before and after they broke up. Both are fine and decent people. I believe and trust whatever they tell me to be true and you should too. I don’t know anyone at the China Scam Patrol and they are probably Chinese and if you believe Chinese people you are crazy

  5. My name is Cindy and I have been a teacher in China for many years going back to 2007 (mostly kindergartens). Although I was never a member of the CFTU but I did do quite a bit of volunteer work for them in 2011 and 2012 before I got pregnant. I just posted the below post at another blog site and to save time I will just post it here as well…

    “I tried posting here yesterday but for some reason my post did not appear so perhaps I did something wrong and shall try again…

    First, I enjoy reading your articles which are usually fresh, light, and always interesting. However this post about the CFTU (China Foreign Teachers Union) is a bit disturbing to me because I am a teacher who in 2011 and 2012 did quite a bit of volunteer work for the CFTU. Most people don’t realize it but everyone in the CFTU is a volunteer. I no longer do volunteer work with them but only because I now have two jobs and a new baby to attend to.

    But I was a bit shocked when I read that the CFTU was being accused of being a Chinese scam when in fact it is not and anyone who ever attended a CFTU meeting would know this right away. The three founders were two Americans and a Canadian and the only Chinese that attend the meetings are usually the partners of foreign teachers working in China.

    So I began doing research about the fellow who authored this article that you re-blogged and my husband reminded me that we had met this guy a few years ago when he tried to recruit me to teach for some Chinese school (I can’t recall which now) but I was already working for Muffy’s kindergarten. Anyway my husband and I were both puzzled why a foreigner would suddenly attack a group of volunteers that do a lot of free stuff for their teaching colleagues. Then we found the below links and now must ask you Ms. Brown… How well do you really know Craig Hill and do you know about his former girlfriend and business partner who was exposed in part by the CFTU?

    The above links are self-explanatory and in the cause of fairness, I think you should investigate further and not be so quick to reblog for people until you determine their motives. Two things should make you wonder 1) Why would Chinese expose other Chinese for scamming foreigners like the CFTU does on their web sites? And 2) If the CFTU was a scam why is there nobody claiming to be a victim?

    I deliberately chose not to become a member like many volunteers, only because I did not want to get my name on anything that the Chines government could get a hold of and use as an excuse not to renew my visa, but I support them fully and helped them give free workshops on employee rights and remedies.

    I attended over a dozen meetings and never did anyone from the CFTU try to sell me anything. Membership has always been free unless they changed their policy in the last six months? I made some good and helpful friends there and their blacklist kept me from making what would have been a bad decision. Perhaps you should visit their two websites and and note that all of the following they provide for free:

    * Free China Labor Laws In English
    * Free Contract Reviews
    * Free Arbitration Service
    * Free Cross-Cultural Communications Workshops
    * Free Black and White Lists
    * Free VPN Software
    * Free Employee Rights & Remedies Workshop
    * Free Chinese Lessons

    I only had to spend money twice in connection to the CFTU- once to pay 100 yuan for my share of a KTV party that included dinner, and another time I paid 60 yuan when a group of CFTU had an outing to visit the Great Wall together and the 60 yuan covered my bus, lunch, and admission costs to the park. Never once did I ever see anyone cheated at or by the CFTU.

    I am not a trouble maker Ms. Brown, but I have a very low tolerance for gossip and the sort of foul play undertaken by Mr. Hill . Please read the above links and consider his real motives. Keep up the great articles on your blog since I read it regularly just for the jokes which are great.

    In case I am not posting correctly I will take a screen print and email this to you as well.

    Best wishes – Cindy

  6. So why aren’t law suits fllying in both directions? Surely if there really are victims of the CFTU, they can file police reports and make a legal claim, and if Craig Hill is lying he should be slammed for slander.

  7. I see Rebecca is spending a lot of energy and money to keep her scam agency going (China ESL). Unfortunately, for every ad she buys at echinacities,com and other forums (as well as her own fake “teacher message boards”) I find just as many fraud and scam warnings being posted. If she has to recruit foreigners to do her dirty work for her she must be getting desperate. She must be sleeping with a top cop in China or something or she’d be behind bars by now. Also, I just found out from my friend at ecc that both the CFTU and China Scam Patrol are blocked from posting anything at ecc. Gee what a big surprise -Rebecca spends over $50,000 a year on display ads over there, and they are not about to lose those advertising bucks.

  8. This conspiracy crap takes more than an hour to sort out but of three things I am sure… 1) CFTU membership is still free just like it was last year when I asked about joining, 2) I can’t find anyone claiming to be ripped off by the CFTU, and 3) That China Daily Mail article has been edited at least four times that I can count and the author still avoids the questions people have asked him.

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  10. Just Google “Craig Hill Scam” and you will see the editor of the China Daily Mail has a bit of a checkered past and does not deserve very much credibility in my opinion.

  11. “Give someone enough rope and they will hang themselves eventually” I forget who said this but this Craig Hill character proves the theory is true.

  12. You make this guy sound like he has psychological Issues! Well, just Google ‘Kenneth Craig Hill QLD’ and you can see where that has been acknowledged in a court of law! (As a serial litigator, he tried to sue ‘The Big Issue’ for psychological damages). Don’t worry China folks, our dear Kenneth appears to be currently stuck in Australia and has been for ages now! Maybe the Chinese Government have finally refused to issue him with another tourist visa (anyone left to employ him on a work visa?). How is it that as the editor of the China Daily Mail (the voice from inside China!) is writing (well; mostly plagiarising) from Australia? It doesn’t get more ‘Craig Hill’ than that!

  13. Honestly. This just seems like kids fighting in the sandbox. I’ve been fortunate enough to research and find my own references for any job I’ve had in China, so I’ve never been “ripped off”. If you cover your bases (and your ass) you can work in China with minimal difficulties. I would never associate myself with any organization claiming to be “news” or “union”. You’re just asking for trouble. So frankly, I really don’t care about Craig Hill, or CFTU, or any of the name calling and crying I’ve been seeing. It made for an interesting read for about an hour. Now it’s just boring and childish. Good luck in your war.

  14. This is about slander and libel – not getting scammed. This evil asshole clearly went out of his way to smear the CFTU only because they exposed his undercover alliance with the biggest scam agent in China – Rebecca Tang (Owner of China ESL)

  15. As pointed out by Belinda, I checked out the Queensland Court Digest and she is right… Kenneth Craig Hill is Craig Hill’s real name and he was found by the court to be mentally disturbed and he tried to pull off a fake worker’s compensation claim down under against the government. This guy has balls but apparently not much of a brain.

    (Google “Kenneth Craig Hill, QLD” for the links from the Australian Courts)

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  17. I just saw at another web site where he was involved in a huge Amway problemin Australia where some people accused him of stealing over $200,000 of unpaid commissions and inventory back in 2001. What a great guy!

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